How to Place a Classified Ad for Your Rental House in the Newspaper

How to Place a Classified Ad for Your Rental House in the Newspaper
Placing an advertisement in the classified ads section of the newspaper costs money, but you get what you pay for. You can reach out to prospective tenants who do not have access to a computer. Here are the steps you should follow in order to be able to place an effective ad on the newspaper.
Understand the Cost Involved ? unlike free classified ads magazines, placing a rental ad in the newspaper costs money. Newspapers charge by the line or by the number of characters in the ad. See this also .

Formulate the Ad ? in newspaper ads, space is limited, so you will have to limit the description to the most important features of your rental house.
Pick a Newspaper to Place the Ad In ? in general, you should advertise in a newspaper with the largest circulation in the area where your rental house is located. This may mean advertising in a major daily newspaper. However, you should take note that sometimes, advertising in a local newspaper where your rental house is located is more effective.
Determine Which Days You Want the Ad to Run ? there are many options for running an ad. You can run the ad for one day, on weekends, or only on Sundays. If you are not sure of the timing, you can try running the ad on Sunday first, to check the response. Keep in mind that the longer you run the ad, the more expensive it will be.
Place the Ad ? some newspapers accept requests for ads on the internet, while others require you to request for ads via telephone.
Be Prepared to Answer Your Phone When Potential Tenants Call ? if you’re frequently out of the house, you can try installing an answering machine, so you can return the phone calls of your prospective tenants. You should also include your cellphone number in your newspaper ad, so that prospective tenants can call you even when you’re not at home, or they can send you SMS messages.
When advertising your rental house, it is better to place advertisements in the newspapers, and at the same time, place an ad on the internet, to get the best results. This way, you can notify both newspaper readers as well as online searchers of your available rental house.

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